It’s 5:30 a.m. and Theresa Williams is starting her day with Morning Prayer and meditation. Reflections on yesterday of what happened, what could have gone better and what needs must be met today is on her mind. So before anyone gets up, she starts a “To-Do” list outlining her personal and business goals for the day.

She begins by writing notes to her husband Herman and son Deindré asking them to complete simple tasks to meet her day’s goal so that quality time spent together will happen later. Her morning energy matches the way she is going to spend her entire day-from work to time spent with her family. In fact, just ask her what she’s accomplished by noon and the list will astonish you.

A Spiritual Approach~

Throughout her life Theresa’s been known as a goal setter. Always striving to reach the next highest level. Never accepting “No” as an answer, but instead believing that “No” means “Not right now” Theresa explains with distinct enthusiasm, “It’s a matter of making the most of every moment. When you put your heart into everything you do, you get more out of it!”

The Secret to Her Success~

Where does all of this energy come from? Theresa looks to her family and her strong faith for her source. Growing up in a small family, she enjoyed an active childhood with parents who inspired her to work hard and pursue her dreams. These days, she remains close to her family and loves getting together for holidays and special occasions. Theresa and Herman are raising their youngest son Deiondré with the help of their older sons Corey and Ronald.  Even though the two older brothers, Corey and Ronald live in their own homes, they all share the same appreciation for the importance of family and the traditional values that have been the foundation for their success in life.

Energy to work for you ~

The same motivation Theresa gained growing up has made her a success in her career as a top real estate professional. Theresa gained a well deserved reputation for providing outstanding service and results in a short time frame. In fact, Theresa’s energy level and time management skill allow her to accomplish more in a day than some people do all week! After getting licensed, Theresa wasted no time in pursuing her dream and established herself as a leader in the field.

And she puts that enthusiasm to work for her client to get the great results they deserve. “There are few places more important than the one you call home, “Theresa says. “ I love my career because I can channel my energy into helping people make the best decision when it comes to that important investment.”

No matter what your needs are, Theresa takes the time to
 understand them and works tirelessly to reach each of your goals. 
When you want to make the most of your next move, call Theresa today!


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